Ill bred, ill kept puppies from abroad glut the consumer market in the

United States at a terrible cost to purchaser and puppy alike...
Many thanks to our main supporters:


Ethan Brown of New York Magazine describes his own unfortunate

experience with a Russian import.  


The infamous Victor Chemerisov and the Puppy Room Kennel Scam -

just one of any number of puppy import brokers.



Education is our strongest weapon... no one can look into

those hopeless eyes and bring home a puppy from the local mall...


Everyone who has ever considered purchasing a puppy

from a pet store should view the short film on this website first.

It will haunt you forever.


Kim Townsend takes you from the gleaming aisles of your local

urban petstore all the way back to rural America in search of your petshop puppy's roots.  Then, she shows you how to file a complaint with the

Better Business Bureau and the USDA...



We urge French Bulldog and Bulldog lovers to support the efforts of all

reputable French Bulldog and Bulldog organizations.


This French Bulldog fanciers' club is over 100 years old and works

tirelessly to educate breeders, pet owners, and the public alike about

the very special qualities of this breed... this is also the home of the

French Bulldog Club of America Charitable Fund.


The BCA was established in 1890 and incorporated under the

laws of the State of New York on February 29, 1904.


The mission of the French Bulldog Village and the Karen Krings Memorial Fund is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome French Bulldogs and French Bulldog mixes, to provide financial assistance and support services to rescue groups and private rescuers engaged in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming French Bulldogs and French Bulldog mixes, and to promote programs that advance knowledge about, and the responsible acquisition and ownership of, the French Bulldog breed.


The first nationwide tax exempt independent French Bulldog rescue

group in the United States and Canada...


Another excellent rescue organization, made up primarily of members

from the French Bulldog Club of America...


The BCA Rescue Network, Inc. is a non-profit organization with IRS 501c) 3) status. They have more than 100 active volunteers nationwide who love the Bulldog breed and are dedicated to its continued well-being.