John Hoffman testifies before the United States Senate on behalf of PAWS!

At the request of the AKC, John Hoffman, the California attorney who has worked so tirelessly on behalf of FBRN and the tiny victims of the puppy import trade, traveled to Washington, DC on November 8, 2005 to testify before a United States Senate subcommittee on behalf of PAWS and the enormous need for regulation of the sale of imported puppies.

You can read a transcript of his testimony here in the official record... it is a concise record of the horrors our breed continues to endure at the hands of the puppy import trade.  Please don't be fooled by attractive websites!  Please don't buy your puppy from an import puppy broker!

We are very proud of Attorney Hoffman and very grateful for the work that
he has done on behalf of our breed.  He has not charged FBRN a dime for the endless number of hours that he has donated on behalf of FBRN and our precious French Bulldogs.  Please take a moment to send him a note of appreciation.  Thanks!

We will keep you posted on any further developments in the Slack saga...

No more AKC registrations for the Slacks!

Effective June 13, 2005, AKC has suspended import puppy brokers Steve and Trisha Slack individually from any AKC privileges for LIFE! AND imposed a fine of $3,000 EACH for failure to comply with record keeping and identification requirements of Chapter 4 rules applying to registration and discipline.

The puppies receive justice from the unlikeliest source,
the United States Bankruptcy Court!

Trisha and James (Steven) Slack, proprietors of the former Keaton Kennels, attempted to relieve themselves of their obligations to their puppy buyers by filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 in the United States Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California - Riverside Division on January 12, 2005.  They claimed to have received no income from the sale of import puppies!  However, our California attorney, John Hoffman, who has been so graciously donating his considerable talents to FBRN at no cost (literally thousands of dollars of free legal services) was able to bring over $400,000 worth of undeclared income to the attention of the United States Trustee.  Consequently, the Slacks converted their petition to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which requires a minimum of 10% payback to unsecured creditors.  Nearly 200 unsecured creditors were listed on the creditor mailing list.

The bankruptcy court entered its order on May 2, 2005.  The Slacks have been ordered to reimburse their unsecured creditors at 100%.  They have been ordered to pay $957.00 per month for 60 months (5 years!) to the Chapter 13 Trustee's Office in order to satisfy that obligation.

More important even than the money is  the court's order that the Slacks "are prohibited from buying, selling, or kenneling dogs, cats, or any other animals while this case is pending."  The case will be pending for five years unless the Slacks manage to come up with the funds to pay off their creditors at an earlier date.  

The California Veterinary Medical Board takes action against the Slacks!

On April 25, 2005, the California Veterinary Medical Board issued a Citation Order against James (Steven) and Patricia Slack for violation of California Business and Professions Code, Section 4825, Licensure Requirement, for dispensing Zithromax, a prescription veterinary drug, to the owners of the Bulldog puppy, “Matches.”

According to the citation:

The owners purchased the puppy from the Slacks. Unfortunately, Matches became so ill she had to be euthanized. The animal humane officer submitted a copy of a purchase agreement between the Slacks and Matches’ owners for a replacement puppy that instructs them to contact the Slacks within the first two weeks of purchase if the puppy comes down with any illness. The Slacks would then mail the antibiotic Zithromax to the owners to administer to the new puppy. The Veterinary Medical Board ordered the Slacks to immediately cease from practicing veterinary medicine in California and imposed a civil penalty (fine) in the amount of $500.

The California Veterinary Medical Board reports that the Slacks paid the fine in full on May 4, 2005.

The pictures on this link more victims
are extremely graphic, and you may not want to open them.

They are pictures of dead and dying puppies, all victims of a southern California import broker.

If you love dogs, please help break the NOT buy from import puppy brokers or others that contribute to the suffering of animals. Do your homework before you buy and only buy from a reputable breeder!

This young puppy never had a chance at life.
Through no fault of her own, she was condemned
and sentenced to a life of misery and death.
Puppy Buyers Beware!!

This is little Bella. She died from parvovirus five days after purchase. Her owners were absolutely heartbroken and devastated...they didn't know that Bella was one of thousands of puppies that are imported into this country every year from Russian and Eastern European puppy mills by unscrupulous import brokers.

Before you buy, read on! And help us break the cycle, for the sake of Bella and all the other little dogs just like her.

French Bulldog breeders and rescue representatives have been hearing since 2003 of U.S. puppy mills importing unhealthy, poor quality French Bulldog and English Bulldog puppies into the United States from foreign puppy mills, located primarily in Russia, Poland, the Ukraine, other surrounding eastern European countries, Brazil, and Argentina.

We have received numerous complaints about puppies that were determined to be ill at the time of purchase, and several of puppies that have died shortly after they were brought home by their new owners.  Some of these puppies had crippling genetic defects.  Although all of them were sold as purebred, some of them scarcely resemble the dog described in the breed standard. The photos on this page are of just some of the puppies offered for sale by or purchased from a couple in southern California who is discussed below.

It is important to check breeders carefully because import brokers often disguise themselves as loving and caring legitimate breeders of AKC pure bred French and English Bulldogs.  We cite two examples:

(1)  On October 28, 2004, the New York Daily News reported that a breeder, who purported to raise his puppies at a kennel in Rhode Island, had been indicted for not delivering the puppies after accepting $11,000 for English and French Bulldog puppies from buyers who contacted him through his website.  The article further stated that the breeder could face further charges that he gave 26 other customers sick puppies instead of the promised offspring of American kennel Club champions, raking in another $20,000.   .  

(2)  A couple, Trisha and Steven Slack, who imported puppies into southern California, advertised on their web site that “Our dogs are not raised in  kennels. We strive for quality of health and sound temperament. Our dogs are bred to be non-aggressive. Our dogs come with an outstanding pedigree with emphasis on quality of health and sound temperament. Our dogs are  great with children & all other animals. Also, possessing awesome personalities. They make great companions & loving family dogs. We put health first, above all, when raising our dogs.” Keaton's Kennels. This website has since been removed from the Internet.   
Sounds great, doesn't it?  The records tell a different story.  Among other things, they don't “raise” their dogs, they import them, or at least an awful lot of them:

Quarantine station records from Los Angeles Airport show that the couple has been importing large numbers of young puppies and having them shipped on long flights from Eastern Europe.  

We have copies of the following records:

3/27/04, 20 English and French Bulldog puppies, 4 months old, shipped to them from Kiev.
5/20/04, 4 French Bulldog puppies and 2 English Bulldog puppies, all 3 months old, shipped to them from Russia.
6/10/04, 5 English Bulldog puppies and 3 French Bulldog puppies, all 8½ weeks old, shipped to them from Kiev.
6/19/04, 2 French Bulldog puppies and 8 English Bulldog puppies, all 8½ weeks old, shipped to them from Kiev.
6/27/04, 8 English Bulldog puppies, 8½ weeks old, shipped to them from Kiev.
7/5/04, 8 English Bulldog puppies, age unspecified, shipped to them from Amsterdam.  (These likely came from Kiev with a stop in Amsterdam as the flight number is the same as for the puppies coming from Kiev.)
7/11/04, 6 English Bulldog puppies, 8½ weeks old, shipped to them from Kiev.
7/15/04, 6 English Bulldog puppies and 2 French Bulldog puppies, all 8½ weeks old, shipped to them from Kiev.
7/21/04, 4 English Bulldog puppies and 3 French Bulldog puppies, age unspecified, shipped to them from Kiev.
7/21/04, another 8 English Bulldog puppies, age unspecified, shipped to them from Kiev.
8/5/04, 22 dogs, breed unspecified, age 3½ months, shipped to them from Moscow.
8/27/04, 8 English Bulldog puppies and 1 French Bulldog puppy, all 8½ weeks old, shipped to them from Kiev.
9/8/04, 4 English Bulldog puppies and 4 French Bulldog puppies, all 8½ weeks old, shipped to them from Kiev.
9/8/04, another 5 English Bulldog puppies and another 6 French Bulldog puppies, all 8½ weeks old, shipped to them on a second flight the same day from Kiev.

That is 139 puppies they have imported from Russia and the Ukraine in less than 6 months!

We have found 8 court actions filed in Temecula, California against this couple since the beginning of 2004, all relating to their puppy sales.  According to the online Court records, (a) the breeders settled one case by agreeing to pay the buyers $1,000 and to provide AKC papers, (b) judgment was entered against the breeders in 3 cases in the sums of $850, 1,577.50, and $3,310 respectively, plus court costs in each case.  The remaining 4 cases had not yet come to trial when this piece was written.  

If you want to hear about how “healthy” their dogs are, look up the Riverside County, California, Court cases against Patricia Slack, Trish Slack, Trisha Slack, Steve Slack, Mr. Steven Slack and Mrs. Trisha Slack on and contact the puppy buyers whose names and addresses can be accessed after clicking on the case number.

For more information on this particular pair of puppy import brokers, please go to the top of the page.

Do your homework!  Buy from a reputable breeder.  Buy yourself a quality puppy, not an expensive problem that may well lead to heartbreak.

If this southern California puppy broker turned your puppy purchase a living nightmare, please Contact us!.  The only way to stop this broker, and other brokers like her, is by coming forward and sharing your story.  

What is parvovirus?

What is a puppy mill? What is a puppy broker?

What is a puppy broker?
This is Sarge today at 1 1/2 years old. He was sold as a pure bred AKC English Bulldog.
Sarge is crippled and needs thousands of dollars of surgery to replace both of his hips.

Sarge was sold without any vaccinations when he was a small puppy. He became sick days after purchase and was treated for upper respiratory illness and coccidia.

Coccidia infection causes a watery diarrhea which is sometimes bloody and can even be a life-threatening problem to an especially young or small pet.

This puppy was one of two Bulldog puppies purchased by the same couple. After one died from parvovirus, the broker replaced it with another puppy that also died from parvovirus. Both puppies died within days after bringing them home.

Pictures taken in Slack home by prospective puppy buyers. They were one of the fortunate ones, they did NOT buy a puppy from Keaton's Kennel.

This is Paris, a puppy purchased from Keaton's Kennel. She was diagnosed with parvovirus a couple days after purchase. Paris is one of the lucky ones.
After 10 days at a veterinary hospital on IV fluids and a long recovery in her new home, she survived the ordeal. Her new owners paid out $1,600.00 in veterinary expenses.

Help break the cycle!
Please don't buy puppies from pet stores, dog brokers,
import brokers, or puppy mills, and help us put an end to the
suffering of these little victims of greed.

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